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1.物品 article
2.物流 logistics
3.物流活动 logistics activity
4.物流作业 logistics operation
5.物流模数 logistics modulus
6.物流技术 logistics technology
7.物流成本 logistics cost
8.物流管理 logistics management
9.物流中心 logistics center
10.物流网络 logistics network
11.物流信息 logistics information
12.物流企业 logistics enterprise
13.物流单证 logistics documents
14.物流联盟 logistics alliance
15.供应物流 supply logistics
16.生产物流 production logistics
17.销售物流 distribution logistics
18.回收物流 returned logistics
19.废弃物物流 waste material logistics
20.绿色物流 environmental logistics
21.企业物流 internal logistics
22.社会物流 external logistics
23.军事物流 military logistics
24.国际物流 international logistics
25.第三方物流 third-part logistics (TPL)
26.定制物流 customized logistics
27.虚拟物流 virtual logistics
28.增值物流服务 value-added logistics service
29.供应链 supply chain
30.条码 bar code
31.电子数据交换 electronic data interchange (EDI)
32.有形消耗 tangible loss
33.无形消耗 intangible loss 奖罚



1.运输 transportation
2.联合运输 combined transport
3.直达运输 through transport
4.中转运输 transfer transport
5.甩挂运输 drop and pull transport
6.集装运输 containerized transport
7.集装箱运输 container transport
8.门到门 door-to-door
9.整箱货 full container load (FCL)
10.拼箱货 less than container load (LCL )
11.储存 storing
12.保管 storage
13.物品储存 article reserves
14.库存 inventory
15.经常库存 cycle stock
16.安全库存 safety stick
17.库存周期 inventory cycle time
18.前置期(或提前期) lead time
19.订货处理周期 order cycle time
20.货垛 goods stack
21.堆码 stacking
22.搬运 handing/carrying
23.装卸 loading and unloading
24.单元装卸 unit loading and unloading
25.包装 package/packaging
26.销售包装 sales package
27.定牌包装 packing of nominated brand
28.中性包装 neutral packing
29.运输包装 transport package
30.托盘包装 palletizing
31.集装化 containerization
32.散装化 containerization
33.直接换装 cross docking
34.配送 distribution
35.共同配送 joint distribution
36.配送中心 distribution center
37.分拣 sorting
38.拣选 order picking
39.集货 goods collection
40.组配 assembly
41.流通加工 distribution processing
42.冷链 cold chain
43.检验 inspection 奖罚



1.仓库 warehouse
2.库房 storehouse
3.自动化仓库 automatic warehouse
4.立体仓库 stereoscopic warehouse
5.虚拟仓库 virtual warehouse
6.保税仓库 boned warehouse
7.出口监管仓库 export supervised warehouse
8.海关监管货物 cargo under customer’s supervision
9.冷藏区 chill space
10.冷冻区 freeze space
11.控湿储存区 humidity controlled space
12.温度可控区 temperature controlled space
13.收货区 receiving space
14.发货区 shipping space
15.料棚 goods shed
16.货场 goods yard
17.货架 goods shelf
18.托盘 pallet
19.叉车 fork lift truck
20.输送机 conveyor
21.自动导引车 automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
22.箱式车 box car
23.集装箱 container
24.换算箱 twenty-feet equivalent unit (TEU)
25.特种货物集装箱 specific cargo container
26.全集装箱船 full container ship
27.铁路集装箱场 railway container yard
28.公路集装箱中转站 inland container depot
29.集装箱货运站 container freight station (CFS)
30.集装箱码头 container terminal
31.国际铁路联运 international through railway transport
32.国际多式联运 international multimodal transport
33.大陆桥运输 land bridge transport
34.班轮运输 liner transport
35.租船运输 shipping by chartering
36.船务代理 shipping agency
37.国际货运代理 international freight forwarding agent
38.理货 tally
39.国际货物运输保险 international transportation cargo insurance
40.报关 customs declaration
41.报关行 customs broker
42.进出口商品检验 commodity inspection 奖罚



1.物流战略 logistics strategy
2.物流战略管理 logistics strategy management
3.仓库管理 warehouse management
4.仓库布局 warehouse layout
5.库存控制 inventory control
6.经济订货批量 economic order quantity (EOQ)
7.定量订货方式 fixed-quantity system (FQS)
8.定期订货方式 fixed-quantity system (FIS)
9.ABC分类管理 ABC classification
10.电子订货系统 Electronic order system (EOS)
11.准时制 just in time (JIT)
12.准时制物流 just-in-time logistics
13.零库存技术 zero-inventory logistics
14.物流成本管理 logistics cost control
15.物料需要计划 material requirements planning (MRP)
16.制造资源计划 manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)
17.配送需要计划 distribution requirements planning (DRP)
18.配送资源计划 distribution resource planning (DRP II)
19.物流资源计划 logistics resource planning (LRP)
20.企业资源计划 enterprise resource planning (ERP)
21.供应链管理 supply chain management (SCM)
22.快速反映 Quick response (QR)
23.有效客户反映 efficient customer response(ECR)
24.连续库存补充计划 continuous replenishment program (CRP)
25.计算机付诸订货系统 computer assisted ordering (CAO)
26.供应商管理库存 vendor managed inventory (VMI)
27.业务外包 outsourcing







  1.Modern logistics is one of the most challenging and exciting jobs in the world.



  2.Logistics is part of a supply chain.



  3.Logistics is anything but a newborn baby.



  4.Logistics is a unique global “pipeline”.



  5.Logistics is related to the effective and efficient flow of materials and information.



  6.Logistics operation and management include packaging, warehousing, material handling, inventory control, transport, forecasting, strategic planning, customer service, etc.



  7.Logistics consists of warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, handling, carrying, packaging, processing, distribution and logistics information.



  8.Logistics may be divided into supply logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics, returned logistics and waste material logistics.



  9.Logistics is now the last frontier for increasing benefits in industrial production..



  10.Logistics is unique, and it never stops!



  11.Logistics performance is happening around the globe, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks a year.



  12.Logistics is concerned with getting products and services where they are needed and when they are desired.



  13.Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer




  14.Logistics is a hot topic in China。



  15.The overall goal of logistics is to achieve a targeted level of customer service at the lowest possible total cost.



  16.It is important that persons involved in day-to-day logistics work have a basic understanding of logistics.



  17.Logistics must be managed as a core competency.



  18.Logistics competency directly depends on a firm’s strategic positioning.



  19.Logistics service is a balance of service priority and cost.



  20.A lot of books on logistics, either in Chinese or in English, were published in 2002.



  21.There is great room for logistics development in China.



  22.I wish to make logistics my lifetime career.



  23.ABC classification is quite useful in inventory control.



  24.The JIT production system was developed by the Toyota Motor Company about 50 years ago.



  25.Just-in-time (JIT) techniques are sometimes referred to as just-in-time production,just-in-time purchasing and just-in-time delivery.



  26.The key to JIT operations is that the demand for components and materials depends on the finalized production schedule.



  27.There are five basic modes of transportation. They are water transport, rail transport,truck transport, air transport and pipeline transport.



  28.Transportation is a vital component in the design and management of logistics systems.



  29.If you keep an overstock of the inventory, expenses will incur not only in warehousing,but also in many other aspects, such as the capital cost and interest accruing to it, taxes, insurance and obsolescence cost.



  30.Packing can be divided into industrial packaging and consumer packaging.



  31.Packaging about protect the goods against damages during handling, storing and transportation.



  32.Due to improper packing, the goods are terribly damaged.



  33.Things like plastic, steel and glass can be recycled to reduce production cost so that natural resources are saved.



  34.Both buyers and suppliers can benefit a lot from the reduction in the number of suppliers.



  35.Just-in-time strategy ensures that while minimizing inventory levels, materials are made available for production.



  36.The goal of just-in-time purchasing is zero inventory.



  37.Information is crucial to the performance of a supply chain.



  38.Setting inventory levels requires downstream information from customers on demand, upstream information from suppliers on availability and information on current inventory levels.



  39.The idea of supply chain management was first put forward in the 1980s.



  40.Supply chain management means the design, planning and control of the information flow, material flow and cash flow with a view to strengthening competitiveness.




  41.Maritime shipping is an important link in international logistics service.



  42.There are two types of shipping markets: the liner market and the tramp market.



  43.A Container Load Plan is of five copies, each of which is to be given respectively to the terminal, the carrier, the shipping agent, the shipper and the party that stuffs the container.



  44.After the cargo is stuffed into a container, it is handed to the container yard (CY) to be loaded on board according to the stowage plan.



  45.A container terminal connects sea and land, transferring containers to and from ships. It is capable of handling containers more quickly, economically, accurately and in greater volumes than conventional ports.



  46.Information is a key to the success of logistics.



  47.Warehousing is not a new business, but it has gained new functions in modern logistics.



  48.Inventory control can effectively reduce logistics cost.



  49.Packing and sorting are two activities in logistics.



  50.A supply chain is defined as a network composed of factories, suppliers, retailers and so on that supply each other with raw materials, components, products and service.